1.Design, Fabrication and supply of Deep water back off mooring system for various offshore locations in Qatar
1.Replacement of Navigational Lantern on all QFM channel Buoys (Replacement of all channel buoy light system with new LED lantern)
2.Supply, Installation and commissioning of Industrial Kitchen, HVAC and Furniture's for Najadha Restaurant (Installation of heavy duty kitchen equipment, HVAC units, Kitchen Hood & related works) (MMAA)
3.Marine Bathymetric Survey & Diving at QFM Channel & Basin
4.Full Maintenanace of 13 Nav. Aids at QFM Channel
5.Installation of 100 tons Bollards at QFM Jetty
6.Diving, Inspection & Installation of Marker Buoy at QFM Channel
7.Removal & Repair of Sunken Buoy at QFM Channel
1.Supply and Installation of Navigational buoys at West Bay Lagoon North and South Channel (MMAA) 2.3 year contract for Maintenance of Navigational Aids at Doha Channel (MMAA) 3.Maintenanace of Nav. Aids at West Bay Lagoon including underwater inspection andcleaning/repair/repelace of parts (MMAA) 4.Supply of Nav. Aids for QAFCO 4 Expansion Project 5.Emergency Maintenance of all Channel Buoys at West Bay Lagoon (MMAA) 6.
1.Removal of Silt and Debri from Seawater Intake and Pipes at Sheraton Hotel Resorts.
1.Annual Maintenance of Navigational Aids Solar Light System (conduct preventive and emergency maintenance of solar light equipment on all Navigational Aids in the channel)
2.Inspection, Cleaning & Desilting of 10 Nos. of Seawater Intake Tank Pipes in AC Lagoon Area
3.Dredging of AC Lagoon at Sheraton Doha Hotel & Resort
4.Dredging of Seawater Intake (AC) Lagoon at Sheraton Doha Hotel & Resort
5.Dismantle/ Remove the Existing Marina Jetty Structures & Fabricate, Supply & Fix New in Place
1.Supply of 18 Nos 1000Ø Channel Buoys for Mesaieed Port with M/S DRAGOMAR international
1.Design, Installation and commissioning of Vessel Traffic Management System & Metocean Data for Doha Port
2.Design, Installation and commissioning of 16 Navigational Platforms for Doha Port- offshore
3.Removal of Sunken Articulated Beacon.
4.Supply of Marine Lantern.
5.Supply of New Twin Screw Pilot Launch ( 1 No.).
6.Supply of Marine Lantern.
7.Supply, Installation and Commissioning of navigation aids channel buoys in Doha Channel.
8.Supply of Marine Lanterns.
9.Supply of New Twin Screw Pilot Launch (2 Nos.).
10.Build & Supply of 65 T Bollard Pull Harbour Tug (2 Units)
1.Modification of Navigational Channel Buoys in Mesaieed Channel
1.Supply of Led type Navigational Light.
1.Marine Maintenance Works at West Bay Lagoon Package 1: Beach Maintenance and Navigation Aids.
1.Supply of LED Marine Lantern.
1.Supply, installation and Commissioning of Automatic Weather Station at Qatar Meteorological Department
1.Supply of Marine Lantern-For The Pearl Project.
2.Supply of Marine Lantern-For Pearl Project.
3.Supply of Marine Lantern-For Pearl Project.
1.Supply of 2 nos. articulated Beacon for Doha Port
1.Supply of Marine Lanterns (Sinohydro Lusail Proj)
1.Diving & Inspection of DMS 2000.
1.Supply of Marine Lanterms .
1.Fabrication, & Installation of Completely Assembled Buoyant Beacon for Doha Port .
1.Fabrication,Repair & Installation of Completely Assembled Buoyant Beacon for Doha Port.
1.Fabrication & Supply of ( 7 sets) Mooring System.
2.Fabrication & Supply of ( 2 sets ) Mooring System