Marine Engineering & Contracting
UITC provides marine engineering and contracting services with an established track record of successful projects in Qatar in the following fields:

Ports facilities and infrastructures

Jetties and breakwater constructions, installation of berths, port infrastructure. equipment like cranes, mooring systems, fenders, bollards,…

Marinas Construction
Marina engineering services including the design and installation of custom marina’s and berthing docks as well as floating docks. UITC also provides comprehensive engineering support for all marine management systems.
Maintenance dredging and silt management
UITC has the know-how and the dredgers for coastal dredging and silt removal jobs. We have expertise in silt management for various facilities: residential water front properties, lagoons or industrial facilities like harbors channels and Sea water intakes.

Offshore Contracting
United International provides EPIC contracting services to offshore facilities, mainly structural, architectural, electromechanical, HVAC systems, galley and laundry facilities.
UITC has proprietary and customs designs for various offshore mooring solutions including our industry standard peg-top buoy that is widely use in the offshore fields. We also supply a wide range of Anchors and chain combinations for the offshore industry.

Navigational Aids, Buoys and Mooring systems
United International is a leader in the designs, fabrication and supply of navigational Aids solutions for its clients in Qatar and the Middle East. With more than 200 installations around Qatar including the 3 major ports, UITC has emerged to be the leading navigational equipment provider in the region.
  • All types of buoys (Steel, GRP, Rotomolded,…)
  • All types of lighting systems to for Atons and offshore structures. Mainly based on solar power and maintenance free LED technology.
  • Articulated beacons as an alternative to piled beacons.
  • VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management System) including Radar and AIS systems.
  • Mooring systems (see Offshore Contracting).

Environmental, Meteorological, Met ocean Systems
UITC has the experience in installing pollution control equipment like booms, skimmers and rapid response systems in additional to risk assessments evaluation especially in marine industrial environments.

Shipbuilding and Ports Equipment
UITC has been supplying professional vessels like pilot boats, tugs, barges,… newly built to the clients specifications and applications we have the expertise to insure highest workmanship and prompt delivery UITC’ track record includes pilot boats (17m), ASTD tugs and surface drive patrol boats.